Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I have never given a thought about further studies in my first year. In my second year I came to know we have exams like GATE, CAT, GRE...etc. which lead us to some post graduation program. Discussing with my parents and friends I finally decided to write CAT. I am scared at the very idea of writing GRE. After knowing that every institute asks for a CGPA above 3.0 I dropped the idea of writing it. Coming to my passions I am not at all a tech savvy.

Coming to CAT,by reading forums on pagalguy portal I came to know the importance academics have to do an MBA.Thats all I was completely lost. Finally I made my mind to study well from now. Its very difficult to go back to studies all of a sudden leaving them aside for nearly 2 years. I thought I would some how try to make my cgpa touch 2.75/4 which is equivalent to 75%. Hope I would be able to do that.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Highly awaited new semster has just begun. New semester, so its general to have new dreams or aspirations or atleat new plans to make those dreams true. I was in a great dilema, not able to decide what courses to take. We have been offered three technical electives and a wide range of open electives. I never cared much about the open elective as it was not technical. But when it came to the technical one, I was in a great confusion. Finally, I have decided to take DSP (digital signal processing) and Gandhi : Life and Thought. I really don't know where any of these courses would lead me to. My main theme this semester is to understand concepts well and get a good pointer (Oh! in our college....we guys call CGPA as CPI (formally) or pointer(informally).

All the courses we have this sem seem to be interesting. From my past experience I infered a fact that this interest is just due to the reason that the new semester has just commenced. As the semester progresses we loose interest gradually. As usual we continue to follow the age old methedology of preperation for exam, "to start the preperation when just few hours are left".

This semester started with a lecture of DCS ( digital communication systems). Many of the faculty members at DA-IICT on the first lecture just give a brief introduction the subjest. The instructor briefed over a plethora of applications which involved application of digital communication systems. Initially it was intersting. But after 30 minutes I felt really bored. But I felt very happy when the instructor told the concepts learned in the previous course was not a prerequisite for this one. llloooooooooooolll i did not really know many concepts in the previous course.

Hope this semester goes well.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

When I was at school I never knew the importance of grades. But I used to study well. I just knew every one would praise us when we get good marks. I used to be first or second in class. We were given a memento as a prize for being first or second in studies. After coming to
DA-IICT (dirubhai ambani institute of information and communication technology), I stopped studying completely. Reasons for that are unending. At our college we find time for any activity other that academics. There were days when I haven't seen our lecture theatre for over a week. Of course there are people who attend less than 10 lectures in the entire semester. If any one asks me a question "what is your daily schedule? "...I really don't have an answer. My daily schedule at college is very uneven. It changes every day. Some days, I play whole night and sleep at 6:00 AM... Some times I attend all the lectures and labs and feel realy exhausted I got to sleep at 6:00 PM....So my sleeping time oscillates between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Finally coming the point, I just knew the importance of CPI (cumulative progressive index, often called CGPA). Some of my seniors told me how placement into a good company is affected by CPI. They were being selected by various companies. Not only in placements but CPI has a huge role in our lives. You wouldn't be eligible to get into a good business school as a fresher unless your have a good academic track record. If you have very good academic record the interviewers skip the technical interview by saying "Its clear from your grade report that you have a sound technical knowledge". If a person with less percentage or CPI goes to an interview they drill out the person and scare him off.